What to do in the Islands

During Winter

A well-kept secret.

Even mightier than in summer, the Islands know how to look beautiful in winter.

For a stroll on the capes, to admire the jostling (these heaps of ice floating under the wind's effect), or for a
snowshoe or cross-country ski ride, these seaside landscapes under the Nordic light will make your heart

The same local gastronomy and Madelinian warmth await you there, but more…reachable. Take the time to
take stock, relax and chat with locals.

A milder winter than the continent? Yes! Thanks to the sea, the climate is warmer and not as cold as in

-Take advantage of the Islands’ arts and culture through shows, exhibitions and much more.
-Explore snowshoe trails on snowy hills
-Walk on headlands and cliffs
-Rent an electric Fat Bike and ride freely.
-Observation of harp seal, foxes, and other local wildlife
-Eat at La Buvette (small restaurant opened only in winter!)
-Walk on the beach in winter and feel the sand under your boots while listening to the crashing of waves!
-Visit the Fumoir d’Antan and the Pied-de-Vent cheese factory.

All in all, winter on the Islands also means taking a step back and stopping time.