What to do in the Islands

During Summer

What to do during summer?

A summer on the Islands? Nothing more beautiful.

Once you have booked your transportation and accommodation well in advance (several months…), all you
must do is eagerly await the warm season. Upon arrival, allow yourself to be guided according to your desires

-A day at sea with Fishing at Sea Interpretation to learn about commercial lobster fishing.
-Go for a picnic at Boudreau Island
-Rent a bike with electric assistance and enjoy the scenery.
-Do the “Les Grottes” activity at La Salicorne (don’t leave the Islands without doing this!)
-Visit Entry Island and its fabulous landscapes
-Beaches, Beaches and Beaches
-Take the Arts Tour
-Visit La Grave
-Take a look at the Les Pas Perdus programming ahead of time.
-Watch the sunsets at the Bourgot lighthouse at Étang-du-Nord.

In short, a summer on the Islands is far from boring… Just one week is usually not enough to fully discover and
enjoy the archipelago in all its glory.